Author: Martin Mann

GameStop Suspects Possible Data Breach!!

Video game retailer GameStop Corporation suspects its website has fallen victim to data breach. The company has confirmed this suspicion to KrebsOnSecruity, a web security blog. A company spokesman says they have received information from a third party that credit card details of shoppers are supposedly being sold on a separate website. In a statement to Krebs, GameStop says they have engaged the services of a security firm to validate data breach claims on the very day they received such information. GamesStop has assured their customers that they are on top of the issue and would take...

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5 of the Worst Data Breaches of 2016

2016 was a year of many first, but hacking is not one of them, nor will it have been the last of it – with the prevalence of data in the cloud, the omniscience of social media and voluntary production of personal information online, personal and professional privacy is at stake now more than ever. Despite encryption, which takes your data and rearranges it into a form only known by the user, and a number of other technologies and methodologies, threats to data safety and integrity continue to grow by the day, and so too do the efforts of cybersecurity...

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Home Depot Data Breach Settlement

In 2014, Home Depot became a victim of the largest theft of credit card information from point-of-sale facilities ever, when a group of cybercriminals stole credit card credentials from their database affecting consumers from the United States and Canada. Home Depot has, as a result, agreed to pay upward of $27 million in compensatory damages to credits unions and banks who incurred a loss. The payment process included a $2 payment for every individual card affected regardless of loss, and a potential 60% reimbursement for proven losses. Since 2014, the incidence of point-of-sale theft has become even more common, primarily...

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Verifone Data Breach Impacts POS Systems Nationwide

Payment processor and electronic payments assurance company Verifone has recently suffered a data breach, concluding that Russian hackers have compromised Verifone payment systems across the United States. While the imminent threat seems to be over, here’s what you need to know: What does Verifone do? Verifone technology provides the facilities for payment processing at the point-of-sale (Also known as POS); this is where you swipe your credit or debit card for a transaction. Companies like Verifone provide the backbone of payment processing in the United States. Because of this, vulnerabilities in Verifone’s systems represent vulnerabilities for customers nationwide whose...

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Boeing Data Breach: 36,000 Employees At Risk

An employee at Boeing recently shared with his spouse a spreadsheet that he couldn’t figure out to format correctly. As a result, presumably because of a security flub on the spouse’s end on what was undoubtedly an unsecured, private home connection, the private information of thousands of Boeing employees were compromised. Most of the confidential information was in hidden columns that couldn’t be seen by the user, but it was visible to whomever stole the information; these identifying details included names, birth dates, and Social Security numbers, among other things. As a result, Boeing notified the Washington state Attorney General,...

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