A data breach occurs when an unsupervised person, a hacker, gets access to the database of any organization. These people usually use the database for malicious purposes and carry out their attacks on a systematic basis. An unsupervised person can be anybody, including a computer hacker or an employee. A person who is an employee will commit a data breach at work and the damage can be enormous. The employee may delete personal and confidential data without the authorization of the data owner and without understanding the consequences.

data breach

Data breaches can also occur at the level of an organization and in such a case the damage is limited. Other names for the phenomenon include unauthorized access, security breach, privacy breach and data leak. The term data breach refers to both theft of data and the unauthorized release of this data.

The data that are lost in such cases can be used for illegal purposes such as the creation of identity frauds and even the transfer of sensitive data that might be of military uses. In order to prevent the occurrence of a data breach, organizations and companies should have the systems of security. The systems must be regularly audited by a professional company so as to ensure their functioning properly. If the organization is not maintaining the systems properly, the chances of a data breach are very high.

It is very important for an organization to keep its data under lock and key in order to protect it from intrusion and security breach. This means that the company cannot give away its data or give access to the system to outsiders. This also involves the requirement of various forms of encryption and software tools in order to secure the network.

There are many different types of systems which are used in keeping secure the sensitive data of an organization. The most common of these is encryption. Encryption can be used either in hardware or software form and is a process through which the information passed to the client is encrypted so that even if someone is able to get into the network, they cannot read the information.

An organization that uses encryption to keep its data secure cannot afford to lose its data because if it does so it could cause disastrous results for the organization. Also, an organization must keep a check on the maintenance of its data and the security of its network. to ensure that it remains secure at all times. For instance a company should never use unsecured Wi-Fi networks, which are easy to hack into.

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