A large percentage of the affiliate business models that you find advertised today are scams. If you want to avoid these types of programs, then you need to know what a scam is, as well as how to spot them. There are many ways that affiliate marketing programs can fail.


A big part of being a scam is the way that a company goes about marketing itself. A legitimate affiliate program will be upfront with its affiliates, showing them how it’s going to work. For example, many legitimate affiliate marketing programs give the affiliate members an option to join a free trial. This is because if you don’t like the product or service, then you should have an opportunity to try it before making your investment.

A scammer will usually have hidden charges such as commissions and other fees associated with their commission scheme. The key thing to notice about a scam is that the person that is doing the advertising is looking to make a commission, not actually build a successful business. If you are considering using affiliate programs, you need to know all of the details about the program before joining, including what products or services are available, how much they cost and how much commission is paid.

Another important thing to look for when you’re thinking about joining an affiliate program is if there are any terms and conditions associated with the program. If the agreement you see is too vague or doesn’t have any specific language attached to it, you are probably not going to be covered by it. Any affiliate program that does not include a contract, even if it is a scam, should be avoided. This means that the affiliate program will not be paying you anything for sign ups, and it will not give you any compensation for referrals. The only time that you are going to get a referral from a reputable affiliate program is if you are able to sell their product.

The last thing to look for when looking for good affiliate programs is how easy they are to use. Most legitimate affiliate programs will have very user friendly websites, and you can easily navigate them. Scams will be extremely difficult to navigate, meaning that it can take a long time to figure out exactly how they work.

When you are looking into affiliate programs, you need to take the time to learn all of the important information that comes with being an affiliate. These things can be found online, and in a lot of books. By knowing the difference between a legitimate affiliate program and a scam, you will have a better chance of making money from affiliate marketing.

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