How many online usernames and passwords do you have for both personal and corporate/business use? Most online users have anywhere between five to twenty-five accounts to manage. It can be difficult to memorize all the different passwords for all your accounts.

One way people try to make it easy on themselves is by having the same password for all accounts. The thing is, when you use the same passwords for all your accounts, you increase the chances of your accounts being compromised as part of a data breach. The same could be said for when you chose passwords that are really easy to remember.

When you create complex password, it makes it difficult for hackers to enter your accounts. Complex passwords though are difficult to remember, which is why many people resort to using the same simple password for everything. When you get frustrated having to deal with many passwords, you have what is called password fatigue.

Creating Strong Passwords

Birthdays, anniversaries, loved-ones’ names, pet’s name, 12345, qwerty – they’re all common passwords, and for good reason! They are easy to remember. They are easy to hack, too. A good password should be hard to guess. It needs to be complex. Strong passwords that are a combination of letters, numbers, punctuations, upper and lower case are extremely difficult to remember. You birthday or pet’s name is a lot easier, right? Stay away from “easy.”

Solution to Password Fatigue

Here’s the dilemma. You need to create a password that is strong. You need to create a password that is complex enough for hackers not to be able to decrypt. So, how do you get to memorize all your passwords and not be a victim of password fatigue?

There are password managers that can help you create and manage strong passwords.

The goal is to minimize what you need to memorize. A password manager will have all your strong passwords centralized in one location. All you need to remember is just one master password to access your stored passwords. LastPass is one such password manager. It is your online vault that will “remember” all of your passwords for you.

A password manager is an elegant solution to the frustrating but all-to-common problem that is password fatigue.